Does Processor Frequency Matter?

Im looking for a +4GHZ CPU for a high traffic Woo site. Do you have any idea?

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I tout the fact that you should be looking for high-frequency CPU instances for heavy WordPress or WooCommerce-related workloads. However, does high-frequency = processor frequency? How can you find your server’s processor type, frequency, microprocessor, and micro-architecture?

Defining Workloads

Granted, if you have a brochure site, chances are the workload is primarily logging into the WordPress admin and making changes a handful of times a year. This workload wouldn’t be considered heavy or abnormal and would be regarded.

Processor Frequency vs Processor Performance

Processor Frequency

Processor Age


Processor Identification on Bare Metal, Shared, and VPS





  • 12-15-2022 – Article created.