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Should I use Lightsail for WordPress and is it performant?


Cloud, Virtual

What is Lightsail and How Does it Work with WordPress? Amazon Lightsail is a virtual private server (VPS) hosting solution offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It provides users with a simple and cost-effective way to launch and manage virtual servers on the AWS platform. Lightsail comes with a user-friendly interface and pre-configured server options …

The Power of Desktop CPUs in the Datacenter: Exploring Blade Servers and AMD’s Hosting Solutions



Introduction As the demand for data processing and storage continues to grow, data centers are constantly seeking ways to improve their performance and efficiency. One area of interest is the use of desktop CPUs in the datacenter, which can offer benefits in terms of cost, flexibility, and performance. In this article, we will explore the …

Bare-Metal Servers and Desktop CPUs: ChatGPT’s Attempt to Explain the Inexplicable



Introduction I asked ChatGPT to explain to me why people recommend not using Desktop CPUS. Jordan: Why do people recommend not using desktop CPU’s for servers when there are providers online such as OVH and Hetzner that provide desktop CPU’s like AMD Ryzen for bare metal servers? ChatGPT: There are a few reasons why people …

WordPress Persistent Database Connections



Introduction If you’re running a large-scale WordPress instance, the time it takes to connect to the local MySQL database adds up. For a smaller site, it will be insignificant. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t support persistent database connections. But there is a GitHub issue on the WordPress Performance Plugin that might make this a possibility. Related Content …

WordPress Database Indexes


Database, WordPress Core

Introduction If you’ve ever had to deal with a medium to large WordPress instance, you’ve also had to deal with an extensive database, many rows, and a sluggish back-end/front-end. WordPress Database Indexes You might not know, but a plugin by the famous Oliver Jones and Rick James optimizes some problematic databse tables that either have …

Benchmarking OVH VPS + Dedicated Ryzen + Dedicated Ryzen on Proxmox VM



Instances tested The test results below are for the following. OVH Elite VPS 2023 OVH Elite VPS 2020 (Not tested, just for comparison) OVH Dedicated Server Advanced LE OVH Dedicated Server Advanced LE Virtual Machine Instance Testing Notes Getting Interface Link Speed You want to know what the interface link speed of your instance is; …